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Brexitball: Dealing with disappointment


I can pin the last time I had that feeling down to the minute.

Sunday 13th April, 2014. 1.36pm.

Listen, I know I can’t complain about my life. I have a job I love and a wonderful girlfriend; I am healthy and have stayed out of destitution; I have good friends and live in a city I adore.

This is all fantastic but over all these elements I have at least a relative degree of control; this, sadly for a control freak like me, is not the case with everything, and of the things over which I have little or no control there are just two which really influence me: politics and football.

At 1.36pm on Sunday 13th April, 2014, Liverpool were playing Manchester City at Anfield. With the team on a Luis Suárez-inspired charge towards the Premier League title, Philippe Coutinho had put us 3-2 up against our only realistic challengers for the trophy. With only a minute or two to go, the game was essentially won. The title was all but in the bag. We could relax.

At that moment, in the 93rd minute, midfielder Jordan Henderson was shown a straight red card for a violent tackle on City winger Samir Nasri – and the world I dreamed of began to disintegrate. Continue reading


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Don’t pity me, though I be a poor humanities graduate

I was in London not so long ago when I was approached by a clipboard.

The okapi — save it, save it now! (Photo: Charles Miller)

Not being a Londoner, clipboards to me invariably say, “Excuse me, would you spare a moment of your time for xyz cause so that, even though you are not particularly invested in said cause, we can bombard you with emails, texts, letters, tweets and pigeons until you feel so unbearably guilty you will hand over your pitiful savings to save the okapi/raise awareness of dandruff/petition the government for better chewing gum removal on our nation’s streets?”

The clipboard got to me before I saw him and suddenly my friend and I were trapped.

“Excuse me,” he said, and I feared the worst. “Do you like films?” This was new. This was unexpected. Suddenly I was on a first date with the clipboard and we were sharing our interests.

“Yes,” I panicked. Continue reading


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