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My body, my mind and me: Part 1 — The journey

This is intended to be the first part of a series of posts discussing weight loss, body image and both the healthy and unhealthy mental and physical effects of going from being very obese to being ‘normal’. It is the first time I have truly taken the time to assess this in depth. Please accept my apologies in advance for the narcissism contained herein.

As of writing this, my last known weight was 10st 1.8lb.

That measurement was taken over a week ago. This hiatus in self-evaluation is something of a rarity for me. Living in London last year, I weighed myself twice every day as a minimum, typically more. It would only be twice if I was out of my flat for the whole day; I would weigh myself after first getting up – having been to the toilet first, of course, in order to enhance the illusory sense of achievement that comes with having as low a number as possible on that tiny digital display – and then once before bed. If I came home from university during the day then quite often I would weigh myself then as well. If I went for a run or for a game of squash, I tended to check my weight both beforehand and afterwards. I grew fascinated and frustrated by the hourly fluctuations, which did not always seem to match my expectations. Sometimes, after eating and drinking virtually nothing, I found myself infuriated by the stagnation or even increase in my alleged mass between the beginning and the end of the day; at other times I would step onto the scales with trepidation only to find it had significantly dropped.

However, since moving to Spain in August I have not had constant access to a set of scales. Continue reading


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