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It’s okay for men to hate Page 3 too

There are plenty of reasons to despise The S*n –– as a Liverpool fan, one that has been going on since the year I was born springs to mind – so far be it from me to try to narrow the focus. However, you may be familiar with the campaign ‘No More Page 3’ (and its Twitter feed, Tumblr and petition). It’s a great campaign with a great cause: get naked models out of the news section of the most-read national daily paper in the UK.

I’ll get back to the cause itself in a minute; for now, I would like to direct you to some secondary reading, a blog post by a fellow going by the name Fles entitled, simply enough, NO MORE PAGE THREE. In it, he outlines the difficulties being a man who publicly supports the cause as he is met by disbelief or ridicule simply for wearing the T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan in public.

It’s a great post, and I strongly recommend it, but it’s not the post that I want to write about. Scroll down the page to the comments, and what you see is painfully predictable; women saying how great it is that he’s spoken out on the issue and stood up for his beliefs, and men accusing him of insincerity, sycophancy, or even gender-based self-loathing.

What a stupid attitude. One doesn’t have to have a pair of breasts to be offended by the media feeling the need to shove one in your face in every situation. Continue reading



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Your friends who think they can fix your body

I recently read a blog post called An Open Letter to the Guy Who Thinks He Can Fix My Life in Five Minutes. It’s a very funny piece of writing, but with a serious point:

I’m not sure what the world would do without the Guy Who Thinks He Can Fix Our Lives in Five Minutes. Overweight people would simply go about their day, blissfully unaware that they are disgusting and probably going to die soon. Women might walk down the street without realizing that they are dressed like sluts. Coworkers might have to do their jobs normally, without a helpful mansplainer nearby to constantly watch over their shoulder.

It struck a chord with me, in particular with the main point that Matt Thomas was making: weight.

As someone who has been perennially overweight since his early teens, I know only too well of this problem. I think it’s different as a teenager; you really are in denial, or at least I was, and it’s quite possible that actually this Guy has a point by trying to make you aware of the issue. However, it’s equally unhelpful — as a teenager, you don’t want to hear it and will pay the Guy no heed.

When you reach adulthood, however, and feel the need to take your life into your own hands, it’s different again. Although I would like to think that at 23 years old it’s a bit early for people to have genuine concerns about my mortality, there’s still a certain pity discernible in some people: ‘If only this fat guy knew what he was doing to himself, and knew how easy it was to eat less and move around more… What a tragedy.’

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HR: Human Remorses

Currently, I am doing a full-time job and a full-time degree. In this economy, that’s not bad really, but it’s probably a bit much for my wee brain. It also goes some way towards reinforcing the stereotypes of people doing Arts degrees that they have all this time on their hands, but… shhh.

Officially I am a Recruitment Assistant (Intern). I like to put the ‘Intern’ bit in parentheses just to emphasise that I do get paid for it and I’m not some crazy person trying to survive in London with no income whatsoever, nor do I simply harvest my parents’ funds. Well… I do do that a bit, but I feel bad about it afterwards.

This job title basically means I do the dogsbody work, getting job applications in, compiling job applications, thanking people for applying to our job but informing them that, unfortunately, on this occasion, their application has not been successful, but perhaps they would be interested in future roles, in which case they should keep an eye on our website.

A large part of the reason why many of these people get rejected is that, even in the year 2013 when nearly everything is done through a laptop or an iPad, people have no idea how to do a job application on a computer.

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