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Living the good life in Brierland

On Sunday, I will be heading down to Wembley Stadium to watch football. Well, ‘football’. It isn’t that game we Brits all know and love which actually uses your feet, but that other one they like in the States with all the ad breaks.

That’s right, my beloved Chicago Bears, whom I have held dear to my heart for the whole two-and-a-half years that I have followed the NFL, will be coming over to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a game that promises to be mediocre on action but big on hot dogs.

I was today watching NFL Total Access on Sky Sports (I’m an Arts graduate, okay? I have nothing to do with my day) and was expecting to feel a rare sense of jingoistic pride that the US felt the need to have validation from us for its little sport. It’s like a big brother who, while acting all protective and superior, actually really lives for the praise of his baby bro. “Hey UK! UK! I– Look! Are you looking? I made a sport! I mean, you probably wouldn’t be able to play it, it’s very physical and requires you to put emphasis on the first syllable of the word ‘defence’, so you can’t play… But do you like it? Do you?”

Instead, however, I just felt patronised. The presenter initially asked whether the coaches and players should be referred to as “the Right Honourable Gentleman”, before saying that the Bucs were looking forward to their trip to “Her Majesty’s Great Britain”.

After my fuming sense of indignity at these callous stereotypes had been calmed by a crumpet and cup of Earl Grey, what then got me was that it was another example of the way in which Americans use the words ‘England’, ‘(Great) Britain’ and ‘the UK’ interchangeably. Continue reading


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Troilus and Cressida

Patroclus  Who’s there? Thersites! Good Thersites, come in and rail.

Thersites  If I could have remembered a gilt counterfeit, thou wouldst not have slipped out of my contemplation: but it is no matter; thyself upon thyself! The common curse of mankind, folly and ignorance, be thine in great revenue! heaven bless thee from a tutor, and discipline come not near thee! Let thy blood be thy direction till thy death! then, if she that lays thee out says thou art a fair corpse, I’ll be sworn and sworn upon’t she never shrouded any but lazars. Amen. Where’s Achilles?

Patroclus  What! art thou devout? wast thou in prayer?

Thersites  Ay; the heavens hear me!

(Act II, Scene III)

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